Poppy’s PT Diary – Making eating out easy!

Week four complete – 18 personal training sessions complete, four weeks of progressing the weights I lift and four weeks of counting calories complete. Do I love the challenge? Sometimes! […]


Poppy’s PT Diary – My new bestfriend!

Sunday night last week I went to the App Store and downloaded my new best friend, My fitness pal! After two weeks of no carbs, I’ve moved onto ‘flexible dieting’. […]


My staple supplements!

1. Multivitamins When working towards fat loss, the body can become deficient in certain micronutrients. Taking a complete multivitamin will combat this issue and provide your body with what it […]


Do you emotionally eat?

Emotional eating can become an issue before you even realise you’re doing it… here’s how to cut it out! 1. Plan If you’re choosing meals based on convenience at the […]


Poppy’s PT Diary – Carbs on carbs!

Week two, eight weeks left! I’m not sure if I’m counting down the weeks to my holiday or until this is over. This week has been difficult and I’ve been […]


Poppy’s PT Diary – The beginning!

We all have our own reasons for wanting to start working out, whether that’s at the gym, out for a run or a casual walk. I’ve never been an immense […]


Upper Body Supersets!

Blast your upper body with this superset workout! Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest A1 Incline Bench Press 4 8 3:1:0:1 A2 Rack Pulls 4 8 3:1:0:1 60secs B1 Flat DB […]