Poppy’s PT Diary – Making eating out easy!

Week four complete – 18 personal training sessions complete, four weeks of progressing the weights I lift and four weeks of counting calories complete.
Do I love the challenge? Sometimes! Is it working? Most definitely. This week I fitted into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear in such a long time and that is such a good feeling. What is one of the things I’ve found hardest over the last four weeks? Staying on track while socialising and working!
Myfitnesspal is a fantastic app to use while I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been eating good sources of protein, healthy fats and small amounts of carbs each day. However, when I’ve been going out for the day or been going out in the evening for a meal with family and friends it has been hard, but here are some tips I’ve used that have helped me:

Master Portion Control! I make sure on the days I know I’m eating out and the portion sizes will be a little bigger in the restaurant, therefore I reduce my portions through the day to balance the evening out. I aim for a fist size portion of protein and an ‘ok’ sign of fats. My vegetables I measure out by a flat palm size of my hand.

Checking out the menu before! I find restaurants are full of hidden calories. I try to stick to one main meat, a side dish of vegetables without adding too many calories. for example, I’ve been reducing the amount of sauces I’m eating as I’ve learnt to save the sugar, fats and calories they contain to something more filling. I try to use salts, balsamic vinegar and seasonings.
Zero calorie drinks! Diet soft drinks are a brilliant way to enjoy something sweet without wasting calories and without actually having sugar.

Leaving the dessert menu for everyone else! I’ve tried to make a good habit of saying ‘no’ to desserts and enjoying a black coffee instead.
Do a workout beforehand! When I know I’m going out for a meal, I make sure to schedule a training session, and I always put some extra effort in to burn off a few more calories which makes the food all the more enjoyable!

Personal training has really helped me stay motivated both in the gym and day to day life. The last few weeks, I’ve been following a training plan, so I even have workouts I can do on my own, and I’ve felt like I have really been giving it a good go. I’m lifting more, the dumbbells I’m using are getting bigger and I’m noticing my body is starting to look a lot leaner! It’s nice to see and feel the results which keeps me going!

Six weeks left until holiday and I really feel that I’m going to be confident in my bikini for a change!

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