Poppy’s PT Diary – Relaxation is important!

When I took on this challenge to, be confident in my bikini within ten weeks, I was raring to go and ready to make a change. 
Five weeks in and the honeymoon period is over for me. I’m feeling exhausted and there’s still many days left of my journey.
I’m sorry this week’s diary hasn’t started with positivity, but I said I was going to be honest. The reason I’m not going to pretend everything’s easy because I don’t want to leave you with false hope. My ambitions aren’t for a six pack, I’m just trying to achieve a flatter tummy and body confidence! My last five weeks have been bumpy and I’ve had ups and downs. 
This week’s positivity has come from my gym sessions I’ve been doing without Matt. He has set me up sessions to rotate through, I’ve been three times on my own this week and twice with matt training me. These workouts have got me in such a sweat, aiming to lift heavier dumbbells in each exercise and pushing myself through the wall in cardio. I’ve felt really good as I walk out the gym. This week, workouts haven’t felt as much of a chore, and to be honest they are becoming more enjoyable and I’m learning what my strong points are. 

Although my workouts have been going really well this week, my eating has been getting me down a little. Eating well can be fun and can be enjoyable, but I’ve been running out of meals and snacks that I enjoy eating which fit my macros. I’ve found the foods I’ve been eating have become quite repetitive. This weekend, me and Matt decided I could have the weekend off tracking my macros, and instead just make good choices. This meant I could go out for dinner and have a few drinks and enjoy myself with my family, feeling guilt free. This weekend has made me love food again and has even inspired me to cook some new recipes. It has made me feel refreshed and ready to get completely back on track again. 
Five weeks until holiday and time to really push myself!

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