Poppy’s PT Diary – This healthy lifestyle isn’t that bad! 

I’ve been sat here for a while now, wondering what on earth to say about week six. I have to say something, right? Then I realised why I’m struggling to think of anything. Is it because I’ve enjoyed the weight sessions, the healthy meals and the new fitness lifestyle? It just might be! I feel like it’s now the norm for me, which has made my week extremely easy. 

It’s no longer an effort for me to get up earlier and head down the gym, my regular food shopping has turned green and I’m really starting to feel my sleep, skin and general wellbeing improve.


The last two Sundays, Ive been in the gym before it even opens – am I too keen? My trainer and boyfriend thinks not. This week I went clothes shopping ready for my holiday and then found myself looking at gym clothes – this isn’t my normal self! However, due to the great weather, I’ve treated myself to a pair of gym shorts. I never thought i’d have the confidence to buy these, wearing them to the gym was a whole other story! It’s a great feeling when you realise the little things, suddenly the healthy eating and working hard in the gym is starting to show its rewards. It’s always the little things that count.
My food and exercise hasn’t really changed, I’m still tracking my daily calories on MyFitnessPal and aiming for four or five gym sessions a week. Im also now making a conscious effort to raise my daily activity, walking my dogs or leaving my car at home seems like the right thing to do.


The only negative this week has been training with a sore knee. It shows even with the best support and a good training plan you can get injured! I think my knee is sore just due to the amount I’ve increased my exercise over last six weeks and your body isn’t bullet proof! This is where Matthew has been a great help, I wouldn’t have known how to start tailoring my workouts around the pain. With only five minutes extra work, we were able to identify the exercises causing me problems and swap them out for something less strenuous on my knee.


Week six has been ticked off, I’m feeling great about myself and even went out for a drink with friends on Friday. Matthew always says to me, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just involve exercise and a healthy diet. I’ve started enjoying spending more time with my friends and family, the gym has taught me that I can always find an extra hour in the day to do something positive, whether that’s a drink with friends or just doing something that I would normally be too busy to do, and, of course, I feel like I’ve earned my rewards that little bit more. The only downside? I wasn’t allowed my usual nuggets on the way home!