Poppy’s PT Diary – My new bestfriend!

Sunday night last week I went to the App Store and downloaded my new best friend, My fitness pal! After two weeks of no carbs, I’ve moved onto ‘flexible dieting’. Each day I’ve had my set calories to follow, which is 1350 calories. I’ve been putting all these great foods I’m allowed to eat into the app. I haven’t had to worry about what foods to eat and not eat, but I’ve just been making sure I have a protein source and healthy fats with each meal. Once a day I’ve been enjoying a meal with carbs in. I have tried to put this meal post-workout, so it helps get my energy back from lifting all those weights.

I’ve really felt the benefits of the flexible diet approach I’m using, it’s made my life a lot easier and means I don’t have to worry about eating the same foods each day and allows me to be more adventurous. I’ve been coming up with healthy recipes with loads of flavours, and now I’m really enjoying my eating. On Wednesday, I had a really busy morning and didn’t eat much, so in the evening I was shattered and didn’t fancy cooking – I headed to McDonald’s drive-thru! Matthew said if it fits your macros it’s ok, in small quantities. The next morning I had even dropped some bodyweight! 

My Training has been stepped up this week, I’ve done five weight sessions, three of these were with Matthew and two on my own. We have started introducing training sessions by myself to help me keep this healthy lifestyle after my transformation is over. This week I have also set myself a goal to take my dogs for a walk in the evenings. I found this helps me clear my thoughts before bed and burn a few extra calories. The weather has been lovely and the warm summer nights have been bliss.

Week three has been fun, I’ve learnt new things and realised no food is a bad food. Yes, I’ve learnt some foods can be better than others but it’s just reducing the quantities I’m eating!

Here’s one of my workouts for you all to try:

1a. Incline Dumbbell press  3 sets 12 reps

1b. (DB) side raises 3 sets 15 reps

2a. Seated (DB) shoulder press 3 sets 12 reps

2b. Bodyweight dips 3 sets 8+ reps

3a. Close grip lat pull down 3 sets 12 reps

3b. One arm (DB) row 3 sets 12 reps each arm

3c. (DB) bicep curls 3 sets 15 reps

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